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James Low - “Working with life, working with death.....looking at what being alive is from the buddhist point of view and how this illuminates the death process.. Macclesfield 2018”

Friday 9th March 10am - 5.30pm
Saturday 10th March 10am - 5.15pm
Sunday 11th March 9:45 - 12:45pm

Venue (non residential), Bollington Arts Centre, Wellington Road, Bollington, SK10 5JR
Lifts will be organised

James Low

Working with life, working with death.....looking at what being alive is from the buddhist point of view and how this illuminates the death process..

The venue Bollington Arts Centre, Wellington Road, Bollington, SK10 5JR

Bollington is a very long village. Most people will approach it from the A523 Silk Road turning onto the B5090 which goes through the village. Continue on this road until you reach a Co-op store on the left followed by a bridge over the road. Immediately beyond the bridge, on the left, is a drive winding up a hill to the Arts Centre. There is a separate footpath with steps leading up to the Centre

Parking: This is very limited at the top of the drive and we wish to reserve it for people with mobility problems so we would urge you to park elsewhere . Apart from some areas of yellow lines parking is allowed on the main road at the bottom of the drive, a good area may be further along the road past the Dog and Partridge pub. Alternatively you could turn first left after the Centre (just before the Dog and Partridge pub) onto Adlington Road. A little way along there are two free car parks plus roadside parking. A few cars could also park between the trees at the side of the drive- though the spaces at the bottom belong to the Day Nursery.

Accessibility: The drive up to the Centre from the road is a steady hill and the footpath up consists of 32 steps. If you believe it will be a problem for you to manage this by foot please let us know and we will do our best to reserve a parking space for you at the top of the drive.

Public Transport
If you would like assistance getting from the station please let us know the time of your arrival and also your mobile number. We will attempt to help with transport either by putting you in contact with others so you can arrange to share a taxi or by offering a lift if there are sufficient drivers available. Similarly if you are coming by car and could offer a lift from the station please also let us know -with your mobile number if possible.

Buses: There is a bus stop at the bottom of the drive to Bollington Arts Centre with a regular service from Macclesfield – No 10 and 10A. Bus number 392 also provides a service from Macc going on to Poynton, Hazel Grove and (slowly) to Stockport

Registration: on Friday is from 9.15 am

James combines his knowledge of the teaching and practice of dzogchen, with his expertise as a senior psychotherapist working in the NHS and privately to explore change from a Buddhist perspective. James’ extensive learning is grounded in the real world always makes for a thought provoking, insightful and enjoyable event.

James recently retired from his work as a Consultant Psychotherapist in the National Health Service in London. He is slowly winding down his private psychotherapy practice. He has taught on many psychotherapy trainings in Britain.

See James’ recent books and publications.http://www.simplybeing.co.uk/books

James Low's Simply Being website: www.simplybeing.co.uk

James Low at Macclesfield, video archive:
November 2008 at Khandroling: https://vimeo.com/album/4285330
6 other videos at Khandroling: https://vimeo.com/jameslow/albums/search:macclesfield
Audios of James at Macclesfield: http://audio.simplybeing.co.uk/category/retreats/england-macclesfield

Lunch on Friday

Sandwiches / Wraps / Indian Snacks .. Vegetarian or Meat ... £4

We need numbers so please reply if you wish to order this lunch specifying whether you would like the meat or vegetable option.

Lunch on Saturday

Zaf who has provided our delicious lunches previously is again going to cater for us – providing Spanish Stew - either Chicken & Chorizo or Vegetarian and Rice, each costing £5 (payable on arrival ). We need to give him numbers so please reply if you wish to order his lunch specifying whether you would like the chicken or vegetable dish.

Saturday Evening

There is not a formal program for Saturday evening. However for anyone who would like to continue in each other's company we have reserved space in Sri Lankan restaurant, Portobello in Chestergate. It is a short walk from the station and Travelodge.

They will do a two course meal for £18.50 per head.

Please tell me if they want to book for this meal on Saturday night, then we could give the restaurant an indication of numbers for the meal. We will be eating there, arriving between 6.30 and 7, and the meal will be served at 7 pm. To date they have not yet sent the menu, but I will pass it on as soon as I receive it. Kind regards Charles

For information, we now have a travelodge opposite the station in Macclesfield http://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/412/Macclesfield-Central-hotel

Also nearer to Bollington Premier_Inn_Macclesfield_North_Hotel and in Bollington Red Oaks Farm B & B.

Booking for this course is advised as James’ talks are very popular.A deposit of £5 per day attended is required.

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Suggested Donations: Friday: £35, Saturday: £35 & Sunday £15
We would ask you to pay the full 'suggested donation' if you can. If you cannot, please do not let this prevent you from coming to the weekend. You are most welcome to come and give what you can afford, bearing in mind how fortunate we are to have such a senior and renowned teacher as James Low.

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